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Artist removes 1 inch off the peak of England’s highest mountain; Brits want their inch back.

It is still England’s highest mountain, but Scafell Pike is ever so slightly smaller now after an artist stole the top inch of the summit to display in a gallery.
Oscar Santillan, 34, was accused of vandalism after removing the stone pinnacle of the 3,209ft Lake District peak for an exhibition in London.
Ian Stephens, managing director of Cumbria Tourism, said: “This is taking the mickey and we want the top of our mountain back.”

I love art

This is the funniest thing I have ever seen

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Big Pink Box said:

"I know, right? It’s essentially your basic Calvinist prosperity gospel bullshitl at work. So, the people with: material wealth, good health, stable employment, and other privileges have been favoured by god.
Comfort, health and financial fortune are seen as signs that any given person is being rewarded for being good. Poverty, sickness, and other forms of marginalisation or disprivilege are therefore signs of inherent moral failure.

Under this system, which combines a dollop of predestination with a gutful of superiority complex, the privileged feel thoroughly entitled to revel in their wealth and health, and have no incentive to assist oppressed people, because It’s the will of their god that those people suffer for their “sins”.

Its modern equivalent is the cascading puke rapids of ‘The Secret’ style laws of attraction. Ill? Poor? Oppressed? Your own fault for being such a Negative Nancy! Adherents spew crap about people bringing misfortune crashing down on themselves. They boast that their ~posirive attitude~ is the reason for their privileged status, pointing out that people in dire straits are always so negative, which is why misfortune kicks them while they’re down. Trying to point out that loss, pain, and death are the cause of ” negative vibes”, rather than the reverse, will typically result in a smug smile, and a lecture about how you’ve just proven their point. So gross.

Given the narratives like that,, it makes sense that certain people feel justified in maligning those of us who have no choice but to “do sick”. This is where the disgusting ‘Law of attraction’ sundae, with the Calvinist cherry on top, is rounded off with a helping of ‘Just World fallacy’ flakes. After all, if poverty or disability is our fault, because bad things only happen to bad people, then as long as they are “good”, they’ll be safe from harm. If illness, financial ruin, and other calamities are cast as evidence of moral failures, it’s that much easier to dehumanise the people affected by it, and to glibly shrug off the very real suffering as a result of” lifestyle choices”. You have to admit, sickness and disability are super glamorous lifestyles. Such decadence, such excitement!"

#716: Dating and Disclosure | Captain Awkward
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Michael Nevradakis: In your book, you write about how you were, for many years, a so-called "economic hit man." Who are these economic hit men, and what do they do?

John Perkins: Essentially, my job was to identify countries that had resources that our corporations want, and that could be things like oil - or it could be markets - it could be transportation systems. There're so many different things. Once we identified these countries, we arranged huge loans to them, but the money would never actually go to the countries; instead it would go to our own corporations to build infrastructure projects in those countries, things like power plants and highways that benefitted a few wealthy people as well as our own corporations, but not the majority of people who couldn't afford to buy into these things, and yet they were left holding a huge debt, very much like what Greece has today, a phenomenal debt. And once [they were] bound by that debt, we would go back, usually in the form of the IMF - and in the case of Greece today, it's the IMF and the EU [European Union] - and make tremendous demands on the country: increase taxes, cut back on spending, sell public sector utilities to private companies, things like power companies and water systems, transportation systems, privatize those, and basically become a slave to us, to the corporations, to the IMF, in your case to the EU, and basically, organizations like the World Bank, the IMF, the EU, are tools of the big corporations, what I call the "corporatocracy."

An Economic Hit Man Speaks Out: John Perkins on How Greece Has Fallen Victim to "Economic Hit Men"
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I keep seeing stuff about Lord of the Flies going around

Obviously, the individual experiences of the people making the posts - re: teachers, lessons, the way they were forced to study the book - aren’t up for debate

but like, I feel that people might not have the whole story here and as someone who knows far too much about literature, I wanted to talk about it a little

Sir William Golding wrote Lord of the Flies in response to an earlier novel called The Coral Island. In The Coral Island, a small group of upper-class British boys from a boarding school get stranded on an island and have an absolutely wonderful time. They look back on it as a fond adventure, where they had a little vacation, invented things, and generally made their well-bred high society English parents proud.

Sir William Golding read that novel and was disgusted by the way that R. M. Ballantyne used the plot as a huge essay on the superior intellect and higher morality of English folk (read: white people). The boys in The Coral Island eventually have to seek the aid of Christian missionaries (who are there to convert the local Polynesian populace) to save them from the natives who are written as raping pillaging amoral cannibals.

Sir William Golding set out to write a more realistic novel, by the way, using the same names for his main characters as Ballantyne did (although Golding’s characters are slightly younger). So, all the posts about Lord of the Flies showing the “human condition” insofar as it pertains to young middle-class British boys who grew up in a boarding house in the middle of the Cold War are correct. But I get the feeling that most people don’t realize that was the point of the novel.

Lord of the Flies was meant as a huge “fuck you” to the ingrained belief that English people are the most noble and wise of all people and thus incapable of descending into savagery. I doubt it was ever meant to be a sweeping generalized metaphor for the universal savage nature of humanity, and shame on the teachers who force that interpretation on their students.

Green Sky Over Me
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Zen lesson: Eliminate what doesn't matter to make more room for what does.
7 Japanese Aesthetic Principles to Change your Thinking | Design Principles FTW
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