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In third grade I had this teacher who would give every student the same grade on each assignment. After the A at the top of the paper, she’d mark all the wrong answers with a red pen, and then would come by each student’s desk to talk to us about where we went wrong. Together we would fix each sentence or math problem until it was right. 
At Parent night, one of the dad’s complained that his daughter worked hard to get her A, and that some of the other kids deserved to fail. The teacher allowed him to finish talking, and then responded in the same polite tone she always used in the classroom. “I’m not teaching your children how to pass test… I’m guiding them on how to learn.”
Months later our teacher posted everyone’s final grade on the board, and at first, no one was surprised to see we all had A’s. But after looking closer at our papers, and book reports, and our final assignments, we didn’t see any red ink on them.
I don’t think we should lie to children and tell them they got it all right if they didn’t. That doesn’t help anyone. But I also know that if you keep telling a child they are a failure; they messed up; or they did a bad job, after a while they’ll start agreeing.
— Dominic Matthew Jackson, Learning to Learn (via dominicmatthewjackson)
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there’s literally no doubt in my mind that the entirety of the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror was based on this picture and that is….fine tbh

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Vladimir Kireev (1984) Autumn 2016

Владимир Киреев (1984) Осень 2016

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When I brush my daughter’s hair and elaborately braid it round the side of her scalp, I am doing the thing that is expected of me. When my husband brushes out tangles before bedtime, he needs his efforts noticed and congratulated—saying aloud in front of both me and her that it took him a whole 15 minutes. There are many small examples of where the work I normally do must be lauded when transferred to my husband. It seems like a small annoyance, but its significance looms larger.

My son will boast of his clean room and any other jobs he has done; my daughter will quietly put her clothes in the hamper and get dressed each day without being asked. They are six and four respectively. Unless I engage in this conversation on emotional labor and actively change the roles we inhabit, our children will do the same. They are already following in our footsteps; we are leading them toward the same imbalance.

Stop Calling Women Nags — How Emotional Labor is Dragging Down Gender Equality

This article really makes me not miss my ex. Or …. just about every male coworker I’d had.

(via jadegordon)

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Wissen Sie, wo die Alphabetisierungsrate in der Türkei am höchsten ist? In Silivri. Denn dort liegt das größte Gefängnis der Türkei, und es ist voller Schriftsteller, Journalisten, Wissenschaftler, Intellektueller. Es gibt dort eine recht umfangreiche Gefängnisbibliothek, die stetig weiterwächst, da jeder einsitzende Autor seinen Verlag um Bücherspenden bittet oder bei der Entlassung seine Bücher der Bibliothek stiftet. Als ich dort einsaß, entdeckte ich erfreut auch vier meiner Bücher im Katalog. Stellen Sie sich vor, Sie sitzen als "Straftäter" hinter Gittern und Ihre Bücher sollen dort zur "Besserung der Straftäter" dienen! Noch ein Stück schwarzen Humors in dieser Sache: Einmal bat ein Häftling um ein Buch, die Antwort des Bibliothekars lautete: "Das Buch haben wir nicht, aber sein Autor ist da."
— Can Dündar
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straight people: Should You Even Enjoy Your Spouse’s Company?

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