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Eine der Hoffnungen mit Trump war ja, dass er wenigstens ...

Eine der Hoffnungen mit Trump war ja, dass er wenigstens weniger Drohnenmorde anordnen würde, aber Trump drohnt sogar noch schneller als Obama Leute in fernen Ländern tot.
During President Obama’s two terms in office, he approved 542 such targeted strikes in 2,920 days—one every 5.4 days. From his inauguration through today, President Trump had approved at least 36 drone strikes or raids in 45 days—one every 1.25 days.
Na super. Nicht mal das.
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Vor dem Gesetz sind alle Menschen gleich!Gut, außer ...

Vor dem Gesetz sind alle Menschen gleich!

Gut, außer die Reichen, die können sich bessere Anwälte leisten.

Aber nach der Verurteilung zu Gefängnis sind alle Menschen gleich?

Also abgesehen von Pablo Escobar jetzt?

Na dann guckt mal hier:

For $100 a night, he was permitted by the court to avoid county jail entirely. He did his time in Seal Beach’s small city jail, with amenities that included flat-screen TVs, a computer room and new beds. He served six months, at a cost of $18,250, according to jail records.
JA SUPER! Voll die "Verurteilung", ey!

Naja, bestimmt bloß ein bedauerlicher Einzelfall! Nun, äh, …

In what is commonly called “pay-to-stay” or “private jail,” a constellation of small city jails — at least 26 of them in Los Angeles and Orange counties — open their doors to defendants who can afford the option.
What the fuck!?
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And so, I just do not have these useless, outdated, repetitive, one-on-one debates. When a comment about how “illegals need to get out” is left on my post voicing concern over families being torn apart over this country’s xenophobia, I just delete it. I don’t have time to debate something so backward, and I don’t have time to explain. My page is my part of the debate at large, this is true. But I’m not debating those who show up wedded to bigotry, I’m debating those who are instead wedded to the inertia of inaction and ignorance.

It has been really freeing, as a woman, to not have to ask permission or apologize for deleting a comment that I do not want. At first I just said no to really blatant hate. But now I delete whatever minimizes, distracts, obfuscates, or annoys — if I feel like it. It’s my house and you will get kicked out if you smash my windows, and you also don’t get to track mud all over my floors or change my radio station. It has been really freeing, as a woman of color, to be both public and to be able to say, “no, not here in my space.” It has been empowering to know that yes, I could exist in the world and retain my right to refuse to engage with those who would force their way into my proximity. I don’t have to fight each individual foot soldier of oppression; I can keep my focus on the big picture and my fight on where it could be most effective.

And also, fuck those dudes.

When A Woman Deletes A Man’s Comment Online – The Establishment
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The most logical argument I’ve ever seen a hero use.

It really was a refreshing change of pace from "It’s the noble thing to do."

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die Kueche und die Blase

A. und S. sind jetzt umgezogen. In eine Gemeindewohnung. Sie haben (mit meiner Hilfe) bei IKEA eine Kueche geplant und erstanden.
Dann hat der "Blasen"-Effekt zugeschlagen. A.s Freunde sind gekommen um beim Montieren der Kueche zu helfen. Und die sind, das weiss ich jetzt, viel schlimmer als ich. Ich naemlich studiere ewiglang jeden zweiten der IKEA-Zettel um zu dechiffrieren was gemeint ist. Schraube Nummer XYZ1290837465 muss auf der rechten Seite der Schiene BR161117849R1999 (I am nearly not making this up) angezogen werden, und zwar erst nachdem usw. Ich brauche lang fuer sowas, weil Woerter mein Forte sind.  Die Leute aus A.s Blase hingegen haben solche Probleme nicht! Die schauen naemlich die Anleitungen gar nicht an! Die probieren einfach herum! Die niegelnagelneue Kueche ist jetzt, im halbmontierten Zustand, bereits mitgenommener als unsere 20 Jahre alte Ikea-Kueche (naja, wir haben damals aber auch die Anleitungen gelesen). Da sind ausgebrochene Loecher, Dellen an ganz vielen der Ecken, nicht in gleicher Hoehe montierte Griffe ... Die Laden haben nur so gerumpelt, denn wenn man die Schienen nicht richtig pairt rasten die Laden gar nicht ein und und und.
Der Witz an der Blase ist: die meinen recht wahrscheinlich dass sie besser sind als ich, denn ich lese ja immer so viel und denke nach bevor ich was mache. Dass die Ikea-Leute das ausgekluegelt entworfen haben, durchgerechnet etc, und es nicht egal ist ob eine tragende Schraube in Loch 1 oder Loch 3 kommt ist nicht zu vermitteln. Es ist auch nicht zu vermitteln dass der Einsatz des Akkubohrers in der Schraube plaziert werden muss bevor man den einschaltet. Ganz neue Bits sind so ausgenudelt, dass sie kaum greifen. Es ist mir trotz viel Geduld nicht moeglich das zu vermitteln, es wird disregarded. Also machen wir es so: zuerst kommen die Blasenmenschen, zeigen wie toll sie sind, dann komme ich, und A., S. und ich demontieren wieder was sie gemacht haben und setzen alles richtig zusammen.
Zwei saubere, freundliche Menschen leben im Moment im absoluten Chaos. Weil sie nicht gelernt haben Dinge zu systematisieren, stehen alle Sachen irgendwo, man findet nichts, dreckige Socken liegen auf den Dokumentenmappen, Geschirr und Altkartons - aber davon will ich gar nicht anfangen, denn Muelltrennung ist auch nur was fuer Schwaechlinge. Also trennen wir auch Muell wenn die Blasenmachos dann weg sind.

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people always appreciate the hospitality they receive in the middle east (and many other regions) but there is sadly a darker side to it .. When my mom lived in her village as a farmer back in the 80s she never ate meat or anything she just had bread all the time. The meat & other nice food was meant for the guests. Everytime they had guests over my grandfather told my mom and her siblings to not touch the meat. They were very poor my mom didn’t have proper clothes and she went to sleep with an empty stomach many nights  .. a lot of the time our culture places society over the own family and thats just fucked up and I don’t enjoy that about my culture 

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This exchange was my favourite thing ever until I read that Isaac Marion had made it up :( Still sad about that...





when a popular fan theory you hate gets crushed by canon


When the fan theory you hate is directly contradicted by canon, but is still widely accepted as gospel

when the fan theory you hate was seemingly crushed by canon, but then got brought back 


When people are arguing for a fan theory you hate but you have the latest canon update on your side.

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do people actually read books while in the bathtub

how do you not get everything wet

why is this making me laugh so fucking hard


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Anthropologists and decent humans alike! Please help report this. This is the first thing that comes up on google and it’s unacceptable!

Archaeologist problems: When some lame Wordpress page insults Franz Boas with racist bullshit.

(For my followers not in the know: Franz Boas is basically the progenitor of North American schools of anthropology. He determined correctly that race is a social construct wherein we have created separate categories for physical and cultural traits that actually exist on a spectrum with no true biological boundaries.)

I provided feedback to google that this is the wrong answer, and I encourage my followers to run this search and do the same thing.

Let’s not forget that Boas::

Was a German-American Jewish immigrant who hated Nazis.  Like.  HATED Nazis and Hitler.  And when everyone else was making noises about how Hitler wasn’t so bad, he’d calm down, etc. - Boas was publishing article after article about what a monster Hitler was and how he should be removed immediately.  

At the time Boas was beginning his career, Anthropologists had been incorrectly using skull measurements to determine who was what race and then participate in the associated racism that is innate to the Great Chain of Being (<– idea that society is a progression from grass hut to modern western society.  Has been debunked over and over, but it’s pervasiveness still shows in many still popular cultural ideas.).  Boas was so ticked off by both the racism and the lack of scientific integrity inherent in the skull measuring that his ass traipsed all over and measured *thousands* of skulls - the largest study ever of the subject - and not only debunked the correlation between race and skull measurements, but proved that skull sizes could be influenced by environment and weren’t even genetically dictated.  He was like “me and my 12,000 skulls say fuck you and the racist horse you rode in on.”  

Debunked the Great Chain of Being - or the idea that culture is a strict progression.  

He was involved with the early NAACP - his writings can be found in their early publications.  

His influence on social perceptions of race helped end the Jim Crow laws.  

Really hated the lack of scientific integrity in anthropology at the time, hence his role in the founding of the current 4-field approach of American anthropology (Cultural anthro, physical anthro, archaeology, and linguistics.).  He was extremely prolific and had a lot of great connections so he had lots of influence. 

He not only approved of women having a place in academia, he mentored several, including one of the most famous anthropologists: Margaret Mead.  

And, yeah, he correctly determined that race is a social construct based on phenotypical characteristics not a biological reality.  

He had a PhD in physics before coming to anthropology and a diverse scientific background, so he had wide and varied interests.  He seems like he was a pretty cool guy.  

Also notice how the source for the bullshit has an incredibly antisemitic dog whistle term as its URL.

here is the best my favorite picture of franz boas

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